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TBI and PTSD Family Support Group

Posted on January 24, 2018 by ADAM CAPEL Group therapy for individuals and family members of survivors of traumatic brain injuries. Discover strategies with people who “get it,” who truly understand issues associated with living with a loved one with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Based on the concept that families are supported and prepared, and are offered the opportunity to participate in problem-solving discussions as “recovery partners.” This group differs from standard groups insofar as encouraging socialization (fraternizing with fellow group members). The reason for this is that people with PTSD and / or T.B.T. and their significant others are often socially marginalized – which often exacerbates anxiety and depression. When: Every Second and Fourth Thursday Evening from 6:00 – 7:30 PM Where: 425 Medical Drive. Suite #109 Bountiful, Utah 84010 Why? TBI & PTSD survivors and families who attend multifamily groups benefit by connecting with others who have similar experiences. The peer support and mutual aid provided in the group builds social support networks for survivors and families who are often socially isolated. Participants define who family is. The term family includes anyone survivors identify as being supportive in the recovery process. Some may choose a relative, others may identify a friend, employer, colleague, or other supportive person. Facilitator – participant alliance. Facilitator emphasize that survivors or family members are not to blame for traumatic brain injury and associated problems. Education and resources help families support TBI survivor’s recovery goals. Survivors benefit when families are educated about traumatic brain injury. Educated families are better able to identify symptoms, recognize warning signs or lapsing into maladaptive coping patterns, support treatment goals, and promote recovery. Survivors and families who receive ongoing guidance and skills training are better able to manage TBI & PTSD, and it’s challenges in daily life. Survivors and families experience stress in many forms in response to traumatic brain injury or PTSD in their daily lives. In this family support group, practical issues are addressed such as obtaining services and managing symptoms and daily stressors. Additionally, we identify learning techniques to reduce stress and improve communication and coping skills can strengthen family relationships and promote recovery, i.e. Learning how to recognize precipitating factors and other “triggers” can help prevent relapsing into self-destructive behaviors, and family conflict that could result in emotional or physical abuse or divorce and dissolution of the family.

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Adam Capel

As a Mental Health Professional with over two decades of experience in medial social work and community mental health, I have witnessed the impact of a chronic medical condition such as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) on family and marital relationships. It has been long thought that the divorce rate after TBI as well as other chronic medical conditions ranges between 50 and 75% according to a recent European study. In a recent American study, their findings suggest that the divorce rate is actually lower than the national average. However, that study also reported that a significant factor impacting the divorce rate may reflect the fact that marital partners felt guilty about divorcing someone with a serious medical condition, and that the people in that marriage often find themselves struggling psychologically. In my presentation, I will address this paradox in marital and family relations, and will present 10 functional restoration guidelines to assist couples and family members who struggle along with their loved ones. Additionally, I will present 5 imperatives for couples and next-of-kin to ameliorate the impact of chronic medical conditions such as TBI on marital and family relationships.

Location | Bountiful Utah

425 Medical Drive Suite 109 Bountiful UT 84010
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